Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Remind me"

It's no secret that I'm a troubled sleeper. Even though it was 6:20 when I woke up this -well technically speaking last-morning, still no sign of tiredness. So, I put some music on; poured myself a glass of milk and decided to go through some of my favorite books. I took "Crime and Punishment" from the shelf and without any hesitation opened Part I, Chapter II to read my favoritre line;

"There are chance meetings with strangers that interest us from the first moment, before a word is spoken."

Then I wrote an email to S, who of all people would appreciate this very line most.

I guess it's time to go to bed now.

"And everywhere I go,
There's always something to remind me
Of another place and time
Where love that travelled far had found me"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stockholms Filmfestival

Somewhere between ongoing discussions concerning kitchen countertops and tiles, C and I managed to have a brief conversation about Stockholm International Film Festival. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the Festival will take place between 18th and 29th November.

As a cinephile to the core, I do enjoy following international film festivals and getting excited about the new films of my favorite directors, and this year Stockholm Film Festival manages to bring quite a few them together. Without any doubt, Wes Anderson’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is on top my list. For those of us who are familiar with this marvelous story of Roald Dahl –the legendary author of Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Jack & the Beanstalk, Goldilocks, Snow White and Cinderalla to name the few- it will be a pleasure to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox through the camera of extraordinary Wes Anderson. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox is followed by lovely Lone Scherfig’s “An Education”, who is renowned for her “Italian for Beginners” and “Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself”. Latest films of Jim Jarmush and Francis Ford Coppola, both of which have bypassed Filmekimi, are definitely not to miss as well.

Most of us might have to wait until Istanbul Film Festival in order to be able to watch it, but the lucky ones can see Bahman Ghobadi’s “No One Knows about Persian Cats” during Stockholm Film Festival. Always witty and daring, Ghobadi portrays Tehran as a city with a vibrant underground indie rock scene.

In case you want to catch the screenings you've been longing for, hurry up as the tickets will be out tomorrow.

New kid in town

Lounge o2 –formerly known as Lounge 102 & Oxi-gen- cordially invites you to celebrate the birth of their first offspring on Saturday, the seventh of November at eight o’clock in Refresh the Venue, Maslak.
It has been announced that the couple will name their child “Urban Festival Istanbul”. I don’t want to sound like Gossip Girl but rumor has it that it was an arranged marriage between the two rather than love. However, it’s time to give credit to Lounge o2 and congratulate them for being able to get Nightmares on Wax perform in Istanbul for the first for this occasion. The beloved Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Kauran and Skeewiff will accompany the legendary British band on that particular Saturday. 

If you ask me, Urban Festival Istanbul will be a wonderful sibling for Chill-Out Festival who’s been feeling a little lonely, especially during winter.
Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend this event as I will be singing along with Phoenix at Debaser, Stockholm the very same night. Though, wouldn’t miss the chance to see Nightmares on Wax on stage and meet the newborn if I would have been in town.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Talented Ms. Bengtsson

It was sheer coincidence that we met. I was having coffee by myself in Moderna Museet’s restaurant when she was looking for a place to sit. Trying to carry a tray and several books in her arms, she seemed as if she could use some help. So, I decided to give her a hand; pull the empty chair opposite to mine and invited her to join me. Glad that I did; otherwise I wouldn’t be able to meet this talented pattern designer.

“Design for me is about communicating a certain feeling to other people” says Lisa, “The day I realized I could communicate that feeling through my own creative ability I decided I wanted to become a designer.” Lisa Bengtsson’s work does indeed communicate an array of feelings. Showing up on everything from wallpaper to plates and scarves, her designs decorate the lives of daydreamers and time travelers.


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Just a perfect day"

Who doesn’t love a fall like this – or höst as they say in Swedish- I thought to myself while I was walking to Skeppsholmen to see the “Dali Dali Featuring Francesco Vezzoli” exhibition at Moderna Museet. It was so beautiful outside that I couldn’t enter the museum right away. So, I took a walk; sat on one of the benches and read for a while; watched people walk their dogs, sit by themselves.


As of day one, Moderna Museet has always been one my favorite spots in town. Elegant yet humble; witty and refreshing, it is more than just another museum of modern art. Once I entered the museum, I welcomed by the smell of freshly brewed coffee from the espresso bar on the corner and the huge poster of the current exhibition.

“Dali Dali Featuring Francesco Vezzoli “brings together works of both artists who focused on the impact of (mass) media on society and culture in general. Though the way they experienced –hence the way they express- the power of advertising and consumerism differs in various ways, the exhibition highlights the common components of their work and plays with the concept of time. For those who might be interested in seeing such a blend, the exhibition can be visited until January, 17.

"Wallace: […] Tell me this, what do you think will happen to you when you die?
Dali: I myself do not belive in my death.
Wallace: You will not die?

Dali: No, no believe in general in death but in the death of Dali absolutely not.
Believe in my death becoming very – almost impossible."

The Mike Wallace Interniew, TV interview, 19 April 1958

Monday, October 5, 2009

"I shop therefore I am"

Staying in all Sunday, watching football and sleeping almost 11 hours -yes, I know, I couldn’t believe it either- I woke up feeling bright and shiny. After having coffee with C and sending him off to work, I found myself cleaning the apartment. It only occurred to me to stop -yes, I am a hygiene freak- when I realized it was almost noon and soon C was going to be pick me up for lunch.

After several unsuccessful attempts to find a parking place, which is always a challenge in Stockholm, we found a semi-legal one and went to a cozy Italian restaurant in Gamla Stan. Since I wasn’t the one who had to drive back to work, I had the luxury of having a glass of red wine with my insalata caprese. As I was already in the neighborhood, I decided to have coffee with an old friend, HGE. It was March when I first met him. He sort of saved my life – I was staying put out in the cold amazed by the window display of his gallery- from freezing to death by opening the door and inviting me in. Having coffee and chocolates from Chokladfabriken, we talked about his upcoming exhibitions and visits to Istanbul.

The euphoria of not being in the office on a Monday combined with the joy provided by red wine, coffee and chocolate put me in the perfect mood for shopping. So, I decided to have a look at some of my favorite shops. I started with Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair and Tjalamalla which happen to be conveniently located next to each other. Paying a visit to Grandpa and managing to control the urge to buy yet another dress, I called it a day and head off to the Nespresso boutique on Biblioteksgatan to get some capsules. However, passing by Urban Outfitters, I couldn’t help going in to have a look. From Permanent Vacation to Luella and Silence + Noise, Urban Outfitters Stockholm definitely brought together a fine selection of fall collections.

Later on as I was having a drink at East, I thought about Barbara Kruger's well-known work and wished that S was there with me. 


Conveniently lovable

“You’re not taking it seriously” said C in disbelief on Saturday evening as he watched me get dressed and fix my makeup. It’s neither our relationship nor my career he was talking about. It’s the cold. A short sleeved cardigan over my jumper, leggings, and knee high boots? Trying not to think of the newspaper headlines about the extreme cold waves approaching we saw earlier, I took my trench coat and was ready to head off to the Kings of Convenience concert at Nalen.

Consisting of multiple stages and a bar, Nalen offers good music and a cozy atmosphere to its guests. As we were waiting in the queue to get into the main hall, I looked around and couldn’t help thinking of Paradiso. Two different cities, two different places, a nice and easygoing crowd of the same kind. Music is universal indeed.

Somewhere between the coat check hassle and ice cold Heinekens, it was time for the conveniently lovable Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambæk Bøe. Even though both C and I were not familiar with their latest album –which was still yet to be released by then- we got carried away with the refreshing tunes of “Boat Behind”. Then it was a blend of flashing lights in different colors in a Sureyya Opera House like interior , the sound of the double bass, Erlend dancing on stage and the amazing cover of Lesley Gore’s “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”. The boys were very talkative, incredibly charming and funny on the stage. So, they’re definitely invited to my imaginary dinner party along with Beirut and Vampire Weekend.